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Why Choose WSH Consulting Services?

Focused on Efficiency

Our unique approach significantly reduces the work and anxiety our clients face to meet the DOL reporting requirements. We will work directly with your third-party administrator (TPA), custodian, advisor, and other third parties, so you are not the go-between for all information requests. We keep you informed throughout this process.

Time Saving

When we receive the required information in a timely fashion, audit reports are issued in weeks, not months. This will help you avoid incomplete or untimely Form 5500 filings.  Audits can usually begin in late April or May with most record keepers and TPAs.

Prioritizing Security

We utilize secure portal technologies enabling TPAs, record keepers, custodians, and others to upload files directly, enhancing the security of your confidential plan and participant information.

Comprehensive Approach

Auditors and advisors in this segment have access to information that can go beyond simply preparing the workbooks and filing an audit report using templates.  We provide objective investment evaluations and benchmark your service providers during our process.  These findings are delivered to you at no extra cost and can help reduce the likelihood of excessive fees or inefficient fund-based legal actions.

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